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How it works



How does this really work? 

Modest Coffee makes it easy to get super fresh roasted-to-order coffee. Start by picking one of our fantastic subscriptions and let us know how many 12oz bags you'd like per month. Not sure what to order? Don't worry we sell single bags too!


The Modest

A great entry point into specialty coffee featuring easy to drink beans sourced from Central and South America. Featuring larger lots and greater availability for a more consistent offering.

The Enthusiast

This selection features more nuanced flavors, greater complexity in the cup and has more origin diversity including coffee from African, Central/South American and Asian producers. Smaller lots gives this offering greater variety with new beans every other month. 

The Collector

These beans are the best of the best and inculde award winning, rare or otherwise unique coffees from around the world. Each bean scores above 90 on a specialty graded scale from independent 3rd Party judges. These ultra limited lot sizes means this offering changes monthly. Limited subscriptions available.


 Got it, then what happens? 

We roast, package, and ship your coffee. In transit your coffee starts to degas and it's flavors continue to develop. A few days after roasting your beans arrive at the peak of deliciousness. Because we like keeping fresh things fresh we give you a cool tin to store your coffee!*


And then?

The process repeats! We charge your card and ship your coffee around the same day every month with your active subcription. Sounds great? It is! You'll never have to pay for stale coffee again!


And then?

If you run out early you can buy single bags of coffee any time! Replenish your stash, give coffee as a gift, or try any of our other selections. 


What else?

We here at Modest Coffee ❤ our planet and are big fans of America so we use packaging that is made in the USA from recycled materials. Additionally, our coffee comes in a 40% post consumer waste, compostable paper bag lined with a plant based biodegradable liner. Don’t forget to remove and recycle the tie!


What about this "ethically sourced" business?

We also ❤ people abroad. We only source beans that are 100% traceable back to the producers. This traceability allows us to pay a premium for coffee produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way. This is good for the coffee farmer, good for the community and we feel gives us higher quality coffee. One of our customers described this as drinking a cup of karma.


If you made it all the way down here, we hope you enjoy drinking our coffee as much as we enjoy crafting it.


Modest Coffee

Awesome Coffee. Made easy.


*Cool tin not included with a la carte orders. Included in the first shipment of new subscribers only.