Coffee Subscriptions

Get super fresh, seasonally rotating, exceptionally high quality coffees with a single origin coffee subscription. Sign up once and we’ll handle the rest!

We love the intensity and variety of single origin coffees. So much so, it’s all that we make. We’re always seeking the freshest crops, the newest arrivals, the boutique lots and standouts.

Our subscriptions vary in roast style and cost. From classic to super high end, wherever you are in your coffee journey we have a subscription for you! Click through each single origin coffee subscription to learn what you can expect from each level.

If you can’t decide which one will be best for you then we would recommend getting one of our samplers so you can decide for yourself which style of coffee you like the most!

Our most popular single origin coffee subscriptions are in The Modest and The Dark series, though some of us are really partial to the lighter complex roasts available in The Enthusiast and The Collector series. If you like variety you will like The Enthusiast and The Collector series of coffee. If you like reliable and familiar flavors, then you will love The Modest and The Dark. Whichever you choose, you will be drinking thoughtfully sourced, expertly curated coffee with one thought in mind : your delight.

Modest Coffee is a Good Food Award winning coffee roaster which means that we take pride in the company we run, the farmers we source from, and the coffee we produce. From craft to cup, we make single origin coffee subscriptions without the snobbery.

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