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The Bee House has fast became one of our favorite pour over methods. It really got on our radar after Andy Sprenger won the Brewer’s Cup two years in a row with this little dripper. It has a large stable base that sits firmly on top of most coffee mugs, and it has a generous weight that keeps the coffee slurry hot while it’s brewing.

Another favorite feature is the the way the Bee House holes are designed. They help to keep the draw down time pretty consistent and they are very forgiving when adding hot water, more so than the Hario V60 or Kalita Wave which are demand careful pour technique.

The technique we use is pretty simple and consistently makes a great cup of coffee. We generally like a 1:16 coffee to water ratio with our coffee, and for one cup we start with 24g of a medium ground coffee (similar to a coarse sand). Then we pour hot (approx. 195 degree) water for the bloom, and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds. For the bloom we add about 75g of water. After the bloom, continue to gently pour the water into the center of the slurry and pour slowly and consistently aiming to complete pouring 380g of water at about the 2:00 mark. The draw down time should be about 30-45 seconds. From the first drop of bloom to the last drips and dribbles of draw down should be between 2:30 and 2:45 on the timer. Following this technique will result in a consistently great cup of coffee.

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