The Artist Series- Vol. 7 “Summer Fling”




Modest Coffee Artist’s Series pairs artist with artisan to bring you a completely unique coffee. We partner with an artist who creates an exclusive design for Modest Coffee that we use as the label for the coffee. We then create a coffee roasted to the artist’s specific tastes. When you order a bag from our Artist’s Series, not only do you get a special limited edition coffee, you also get a collectible vinyl sticker of the artist’s artwork to use as you’d like.

For our Artist Series, Vol. 7 coffee we have partnered with Joanna Goss, the artist and the designer behind Well-Crafted Design. Her unmistakable style and contemporary pattern-based paintings have earned her recognition from across the web. From custom stationery to textiles, Goss’ nostalgic and of-the-moment insight has landed her retail lines with top national brands. Well-Crafted Design showcases her DIY sensibilities in the one-of-a-kind spaces and events she creates. She lives with her boyfriend and their two cats in Aurora, IL.

In our artist interview, Joanna revealed that she is inspired by the mid 20th century so we decided to use information to build a profile for this coffee. The mid 20th century saw advancements in espresso machine technology and the rise of the coffee house as a gathering place for beatniks and the counter-culture that railed against the conservative establishment of the 1950s. Using this as our own inspiration, we found a coffee from the Narnino region in Colombia that makes an excellent espresso or manual brew. With notes of stone fruit, bittersweet chocolate, and citrus, we roasted it to city +/ medium level.

This watercolor painting is inspired by symmetry in natural forms featuring a color palette of citrus fruits.

To see more of Joanna’s work:
instagram: @jowayseeker
facebook: &


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