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Have you ever wondered what award winning coffees from international coffee competitions tasted like?  Have you ever tasted microlots that cupped at 90+ points? Are you looking for rare or unique coffees? We seek out only the best of the best for The Collector.

  • Coffee subscription billed monthly
  • Our most complex and nuanced beans
  • Smallest lot sizes
  • Most variety
  • Sourced Globally
  • Highest quality, award winning, 90+ points, or otherwise rare/unique coffee
  • Coffees purchased up to 500% over index
  • Lightest roasts ranging from City through City+ with the occasional Full City roast*
  • Free Modest Coffee tin to keep those beans fresh

*We roast our beans to preserve and compliment the flavors of origin. There will always be a bit of variety in our roasts in our continuing attempt to express the best that each bean has to offer.

“How many bags will I need per month?” you might be asking yourself. By our calculations, one person who drinks one cup per day will go through about one bag per month.

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-Gesha Village – Ethiopia-

Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton started out making a documentary about coffee and ended up creating their own coffee farm, Gesha Village. They leased the land from the Ethiopian government but broke ground — planting wild seeds harvested from the Gori Gesha forest — only after receiving permission from the Meanit Shasha Woreda people and their two chiefs. Initially, the Meanit people blessed the project but declined the invitation to participate on the farm. Eventually, however, after observing and growing intrigued, they joined in and today benefit mutually.

Key to Gesha Village is a respect for the local ecosystem and the Meanit community, which lead to the founding of the Gesha Village Foundation in 2013. For two nearby schools, it has built bathrooms, provided supplies and furniture, given awards and helped to nurture a new investment in education within the community.

The farm is home to more than 30,000 native shade trees and 700,000 coffee trees, at least half of which are descended from the Gori Gesha forest seeds.


Region: Bench-Maji, Gesha
Altitude: 1909-2069

Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel (Private Estate)

Gori Gesha, Gesha 1931, and Illubabor Forest

Sun Dried


Flavor: Stone fruit, grapefruit, honeysuckle, melon
Body: Juicy
Acidity: Bright

Light – City



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