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Light – City


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This coffee is sourced from a family-owned farm located in La Esperanza de Tarrazu within the province of San José, Costa Rica. The 12-acre farm, called La Esperanza Familia Monge, is owned and managed by the father and son team of Rodolfo and Gustavo Monge.  Rodolfo has more than 40 years of experience cultivating coffee but has only been processing the families coffee for the last four years in large part because of Gustavo’s interest in creating traceability for his family’s coffee. The farm now has its own micro-mill where cherry selection, depulping, and drying are meticulously executed with a focus on balancing environmental impact with expressive cup profiles. This honey processed coffee is an example of precisely executed methods of drying coffee while the mucilage remains attached to the bean, which reduces water consumption by eliminating the need to wash the mucilage from the bean.

Finca La Esperanza utilizes several ecological conservation practices throughout the farm. Pesticides are not used and natural fertilizers, fungicides, and herbicides are used sparingly and only as needed. To reduce the need for herbicides and to promote soil conservation, La Esperanza makes use of contour lines, weed control by manual cutting, and grows the coffee plants in the shade of various fruit trees. Water springs on the farm are protected and water used at the wet mill is recycled several times to efficiently save resources then discharged in a green zone (pasture area that is pitched and ventilated) for use as fertilizer that filters and does not impact the environment. Spent coffee pulp is treated with microorganisms and then used as fertilizer. The farm is host to a myriad species of animals and birds.

As a typical mid-size Costa Rican coffee farm, Finca La Esperanza is managed by family members most of the year. During high work times, Panamanian coffee employees are brought in to live and work on the farm. Entire families are welcome to come stay on the farm and all basic needs are covered. Work days are limited to eight hours and children spend the day playing near their parents while they work. Employees earn more than fair trade standards and are paid in cash every week.

From our lead roaster, Marcus, about this coffee: “Technically speaking, I feel like I was able to do everything I wanted to do with this coffee which makes me proud. I was able to develop the acidity and keep it bright, fresh and interesting, while tempering the dried fruity sweetness and allowing the astringent bitterness room to compliment the malic acidity. The hardest parts to develop surprisingly were the aromatics. The first 4 test roasts were super tasty, but smelled almost fermenty, a clear holdover from the honey processing. Once I started experimenting with airflow at the beginning of the roast though, I was able to bring out the fruity/floral notes in the finished coffee which fortunately added another layer of depth to the cup. This is the 7th version of this roast, and I feel I’ve done the best I can for this coffee using all my roasting knowledge and ability. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!”


Region: La Esperanza de Tarrazu, San Jose, Costa Rica
Altitude: 1500 – 1700 MASL
Harvest: November – March

Gustavo Monge & Rodolfo Monge | Familia Monge

Catuai, Caturra

Pulped natural (Honey) and dried on raised beds

FLAVOR Cherry, chocolate, brown sugar

Light – City

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5 reviews for Costa Rica – Familia Monge

  1. keith.a.schaal (verified owner)

    We loved this coffee. It had intense flavor without being bitter.

  2. Vinh Le (verified owner)

    Please please make this into a subscription coffee as I would be your first customer 🙂 buying it bi-monthly 🙂 i love this coffee it’s light roast and fruity taste brings me to so many beautiful places 🙂

  3. Nicholas Brown (verified owner)

    I mean it’s blueberry. Blueberry, so hot right now!

    Modest just continues to knock it right out of the park. If you’re a mild coffee fan buy 2. You’ll thank yourself later!

    Thanks for the abundant trips to flavor country!

  4. Evan MacDonald (verified owner)

    Wow. Just wow. Almost punches you in the face with blueberry and plum flavors.

  5. defmut (verified owner)

    One of the only coffees I like smelling more than drinking.

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