Wholesale Coffee

Run a grocery store or cafe and want great coffee? Want to be the favorite in the office at work? Modest Coffee offers competitive pricing on all of our coffees for other businesses. We can ship 12oz retail coffee or 5lb bulk bags anywhere in the country and deliver our bottled cold brew or kegs of cold brew anywhere in the Chicago area.

The advantages of working with Modest Coffee:

Super friendly staff and sales people that are knowledgeable, easy to work with, and will help you find the best options for your location.

We make deliveries twice a week and deliver coffee within days of roasting.

Modest Coffee has a great team of sales people who come out and do demos and customer facings to help your customers get to know our coffee. We also proactively pay attention to how sales are at your location; if sales are slipping we go to your store and personally get our coffee into the hands of your customers.

Store specific roasts. If you know your customers like a certain style of coffee then our lead roaster will work with you to develop coffees with the flavor profiles that your customers want. We include exclusive labeling so your customers know that your location is the only place to buy that coffee.

Last, but not least, we may be Modest Coffee, but we are not modest about our coffee. Our coffees are expertly roasted and we compete on quality with many of the larger roasters while offering better pricing. We want great coffee to be accessible to everyone and don’t think anyone should be priced out of specialty coffee.

To find out more about becoming a wholesale partner, please call Marcus at 708-595-8775 or send an email to sales@modest.coffee.