Cold Brewed Coffee

Modest Coffee Single Origin Cold Brewed Coffee is brewed overnight in a refrigerator, super filtered, and then bottled and sent to your local grocery store for your consumption. Brewing the grounds cold brings out less acidity and creates a coffee that is super smooth and easy to drink. We also use twice as much coffee in our brewing process so 1 bottle packs twice the punch.

What makes our cold brew different than others on the market? The biggest difference is taste. Our cold brew is super smooth and slightly sweet. We achieve this flavor by using more coffee and brewing it for a shorter amount of time. What you get is a lot of great coffee flavor without the bitterness that over-brewing can produce.

We typically use our current Modest coffee for our cold brew. We find our roast style for the Modest has the body that can stand up in  the cold brewing process. Also, the regions we typically feature for the Modest have flavor profiles that are perfectly suited for a cold coffee.

Please note, our cold brewed coffee is not heated or pasteurized so make sure you keep it refrigerated for the best flavor. As such, we cannot sell our cold brew through our online shop. To find a retailer nearest you, please visit our Retail Partners page or visit us at one of our farmers’ markets.

Can’t get to a retail partner and want to try making cold brew at home? Here’s our top secret at-home formula: Take 1/3 cup coarse ground coffee + 2/3 cup filtered water. Combine in a quart mason jar and shake. Put in refrigerator for 18 hours or the counter overnight. Strain through a coffee filter and enjoy!

You can drink your cold brew straight up, add hot water, mix in with hot milk, add to a milk shake, or make an ice cream float. The possibilities are endless!