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If you have experience with coffee and know what a siphon, V60, or Kalita Wave is then The Enthusiast coffee subscription is for you. The Enthusiast was created for those that have a palate and appreciation for specialty coffees.
  • Coffee subscription billed monthly
  • More complexity and nuanced flavors
  • More variety in origin
  • Beans change every other month
  • African, Central and South American Origins
  • Allows for higher quality microlots
  • Coffees purchased up to 400% over index
  • Lighter roasts ranging from City through Full City (Light to Medium)*
  • Free Modest Coffee tin to keep those beans fresh

*We roast our beans to preserve and compliment the flavors of origin. There will always be a bit of variety in our roasts in our continuing attempt to express the best that each bean has to offer.

“How many bags will I need per month?” By our calculations, one person who drinks one cup per day will go through about two bags per month.

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Weight 12 oz
Current Coffee


Aromas del Valle, or Scents of the Valley, refers to the Dota Valley, in the heart of Tarrazú —the fifth canton in the province of Jan José.

Farmers in Santa Maria de Dota enjoy the most abundant harvests in the country, averaging 3,800 pounds per hectare. Farms are prolific but small, with average farm sizes around 3.5 hectares (8.6 acres).

During the harvest season, from November through March, the regions’ small farms bustle with activity as over 780,000 bushels of rich, ripe berries are hand harvested and brought to local receiving stations.

Beneficio San Diego is the most modern and one of the largest mills in Costa Rica. It was established in 1888 and now specializes in the Tarrazú and Tres Ríos areas. It takes pride in striving for everincreasing efficiency and quality standards, while working closely with producers to ensure good community relations and sustainable production for years to come.

Costa Rica has Nicaragua to its north and Panama to the south. The San Jose Province is close to the Pacific side of the country and is home to the 12,000-acre Quetzales National Park, which is known for its “cloud forests.”

Santa Maria de Dota is a typical Costa Rican town, spread around a church, a plaza and a school. The majority of the community is involved coffee production, and it’s well known for its great quality of life and the harmonious relationship between the community and nature. Dota has beautiful flora and fauna and the best water springs in the country.

Most of the region’s farms are shaded by native trees including Poro and Guava, which also provide shelter to the incredible birds and wildlife that thrive in the area.


Region: Santa Maria de Dota
Altitude: 1,500–1,900 MASL

12 producers from the community of Santa Maria de Dota

Red and yellow Catuai and Caturra


November 2016–March 2017

FLAVOR Red apple, dark chocolate, nougat
BODY Creamy, sweet
AROMA Red fruit, brown sugar

Light/Medium – City +


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