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If you have experience with coffee and know what a siphon, V60, or Kalita Wave is then The Enthusiast coffee subscription is for you. The Enthusiast was created for those that have a palate and appreciation for specialty coffees.
  • Coffee subscription billed at your chosen frequency
  • More complexity and nuanced flavors
  • More variety in origin
  • Beans change every other month
  • African, Central and South American Origins
  • Allows for higher quality microlots
  • Coffees purchased up to 400% over index
  • Lighter roasts ranging from City through Full City (Light to Medium)*

*We roast our beans to preserve and compliment the flavors of origin. There will always be a bit of variety in our roasts in our continuing attempt to express the best that each bean has to offer.

“How many bags will I need per month?” By our calculations, one person who drinks one cup per day will go through about two bags per month.

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Weight 12 oz
Current Coffee



This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca (COSURCA), which operates within the department of Cauca, Colombia. COSURCA is an umbrella cooperative that works with 11 community cooperatives in 10 municipalities throughout Cauca. COSURCA operates a centrally located dry mill facility and cupping lab where coffee is received, processed and selected for export. In addition to marketing coffee internationally, COSURCA provides producers with financing, training, and technical assistance to improve coffee quality. COSURCA also strives to improve the quality of life for coffee producers and their families through projects promoting income diversification and education. For example, COSURCA has a facility to produce fruit juice for national consumption using fruit cultivated by the same group of coffee producers. COSURCA also has a healthy kitchen program that provides funding for kitchen renovation for coffee producers.


Region: Cauca, Colombia
Altitude: 1550- 1900 MASL
Harvest: May – September

Cooperativa del Sur del Cauca (COSURCA)

Caturra, Colombia

Fully washed and dried in the sun

Organically grown, Fair Trade

FLAVOR Cherry, caramel, sweet
BODY Medium
ACIDITY Balanced

Medium-light – City


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