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What does "ethically sourced" mean?

It means that we only source beans that we can trace back to the families, regions and farms that produced them. We also pay a premium for beans that originate from farms that adhere to better farming practices. This method of sourcing beans is better for the farmer, better for the environment, and we feel produces a better cup of coffee.

How much is shipping?

Zero. Zilch. Nada. We cover the shipping costs on every order.

Why did you name it Modest Coffee?

We like to keep it simple. From our minimal website design to our modest packaging. We do these things to keep costs low in an attempt to make great coffee more accessible for everyone.

Will you draw a picture on my bag?

Only if you ask really nicely...

Are your beans any different from the big box coffee shops?

To us it's all about the flavor. The big shops blend and roast away all of the subtle flavors so they can produce a consistent product. Each region, each farm and each harvest makes a totally unique experience and we love that about our beans! We think once you try it, you'll love it too.  If not, there are no cancelation fees and you can cancel any time. 

Do you ship to Canada?

Not currently. There are too many variables for us to deliver consistently and we feel like it would compromise the quality of our service. In the meantime check out our friends at Parachute Coffee. They have a great Canadian based service and are happy take care of your needs north of the border! 

What are typical transit times?

Transit times depend on a number of factors and the stated transit times are estimates given by USPS. Even though a bag may state 1, 2, or 3 day service there is no guaranteed delivery date and everything is delivered by USPS on a "best effort" basis. 

Why don't you grind your coffee before it ships?

It's all about the volatile chemicals. Subtle flavors will start to break down after two weeks in the whole bean. The volatile's start to break down within minutes of grinding. We recommend grinding right before brewing and if you don't have one, we recommend picking up a cheap grinder from the store.

What is your roasting schedule?

We roast and ship twice a week on Monday and Thursday. Orders placed will be roasted and shipped on the next roast day.

What happens if I order 2 or more bags per month?

By default we space out your shipments so you receive a constant supply of fresh beans. We will charge you once on your anniversary date and then ship your coffee throughout the month. On the flip side, if you would like it all upfront just drop us an email or a note on the order and we are happy to accomodate any schedule you prefer.

How do I update my shipping address, change beans, add or remove quantity, place on hold, or cancel my subscription?

It is super easy, just email us here and our efficient staff will handle anything you can throw at them. 

What made you start roasting coffee?

We started purchasing fresh roasted, single origin coffee from our local farmer's market. Come winter time we had a problem on our hands; we had no way of getting more of that sweet sweet go juice. We were desperate and faced with a choice: either go back to drinking stale store bought coffee, or figure out how to roast coffee ourselves. People around us enjoyed our coffee and so we decided to share it with the masses and Modest Coffee was born!

Are you going to sell flavored coffees?

Our focus is on single origin coffee beans. At the moment there are no plans to add supplemental flavors to our coffee beans.

Are your beans FTO, RA, Co-Op or otherwise part of a regulatory governing body?

Where possible yes although many certifications are expensive and time consuming for small scale farmers to obtain. The most important aspect for us is to support farmers that adher to responsible and ethical farming practices. We feel it is important to support farmers working towards their certifications and in the case of "farm gate" sourced coffee, farmers earn more than they would from a traditional regulatory body.

How does roasting work?

There is a great article here that explains the science behind roasting. Interestingly enough, the same bean roasted by two different people can have profoundly different tastes. The job of our lead roaster is to deliver a brilliant cup of coffee.

What does a panda fighting a dragon have to do with coffee?

Absolutely nothing.

Why don't you use that part in Pulp Fiction (nsfw) where Jules was like "this is some serious gourmet $#!T"? That part of the movie was awesome!

We love that movie too.



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