Fire Sale! Half Price! Case of 6 bags

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50% off a case of 6 bags + free shipping

The Decaf is $8 per bag and is all we have left of this sale. All the flavor without the fun!

Guys, you did it. The power of the internet helped us move appoximately 24,000 bags of coffee. All of our caffeinated Fire Sale! coffee cases are sold out!! We could not be more speechless and grateful.

If you would like to buy a fresh roasted bag of coffee, please check out the coffees we are roasting today by following this link.

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We wrote a blog post detailing what happened to a business deal gone very poorly and how we ended up with a return of over 30,000 bags of coffee, enough coffee to last a person 600 years.

Here’s the TLDR: We got grifted by a multi-billion dollar distributor for $250,000 and now we’re over $200,000 in debt and need your help to move 5,000 cases of coffee at half price. Read the full story here

We have cases of The Modest, The Dark, The Enthusiast, and The Decaf. Each case contains 6x 12oz. bags of whole bean coffee in our normal retail packaging. All of this coffee was roasted in June and July of 2022 and has a best by date of one year later.

The Modest and The Dark are $7 per bag + free shipping (case cost $42)

The Enthusiast and The Decaf are $8 per bag + free shipping (case cost $48)

Having trouble deciding which coffee is best for you? Our single-origin coffees change regularly within set tiers. We carefully curate coffees and assign them to one of our tiers based on cupping score, flavor notes, and price. For this massive order we used coffees that were available to us at the time but that may not be in rotation right now. Here are some notes from us to help you decide.

The Modest is our most popular coffee. This coffee is always smooth, accessible, and delicious. We think of it as the Goldilocks of coffee; not too light, not too dark. Great for any brew method including espresso and drip. For these cases, we used a natural processed Brazilian coffee.

The Enthusiast tier has more complexity and nuanced flavors and more variety in origin. These coffees are roasted to a light roast level to preserve the flavors of origin. We used several different coffees for this order so it will be a surprise what region your coffee is from.

The Dark is roasted to be full bodied and rich without bitterness. We feel it’s just as important to pull off a flavorful and well balanced dark coffee as it is for a lighter roast. To do this, we seek out fuller bodied coffees with flavor notes that lend themselves well to a darker roast so they will taste great no matter how you brew it. The coffee we used for this order is a fair trade coffee from Uganda, imported by Endiro Coffee Collective.

The Decaf is always naturally decaffeinated. We figured out a special way to roast decaf so that it tastes just like any caffeinated bean. Our highest compliment is that it doesn’t taste like decaf. Smooth and delicious for all the flavor without the fun.

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Weight 83 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 7 in

The Modest, The Enthusiast, The Dark, The Decaf

16 reviews for Fire Sale! Half Price! Case of 6 bags

  1. rwf650 (verified owner)

    I cannot believe how fast I received my order. The packaging of the coffee is awesome. The coffee itself is the BEST around!! Very very pleased with such incredible service!!!

  2. Brittni Westaby (verified owner)

    Jenni and Marcus were so friendly and helpful when I went in to pick up my order. Their coffee is fantastic! So far I have only tried the Decaf and the Enthusiast, but loved them both.

  3. jeff.w.hollister (verified owner)

    yall have some amazing shipping chops. I can’t imagine how much work that was to get all these orders out in such a short amount of time. Really enjoying the coffee and glad to have been able to help out!

  4. angel81291 (verified owner)

    I ordered the decaf coffee for my husband. He tends to be sensitive to coffee. This is the best decaf we have tried! His stomach was never upset and the flavor was amazing! I’m so glad I came across this coffee! We will be ordering more once we use up all the decaf we have!

  5. virgojg (verified owner)

    What an amazing deal! I already get The Dark roast on a regular subscription basis and I was so happy to support my favorite local roasters with a case at a discount. I love everything about The Modest company. Fast, reliable, responsive, and of course, the best coffee beans to be found.

  6. jengrifer3 (verified owner)

    I have to drink decaf and its so hard to find good decaf! I have been a big fan of modest for a while so i was definitely down to buy a case to support them staying in business. When i opened the box, a delicious choclately smell took over my kitchen. I’m a chocolate lover so i was stooooooked and its always a good sign when you can actually smell the flavor notes in the coffee. I LOVE ITTTT. tastes just as good as it smells and you dont even need to put anything in it if you dont want to bc its so smooth! ( I personally love it with some local honey and milk but i know that’s coffee blasphemy to some). I also selected the pick up option bc I didnt want them to pay for shipping (but probably didnt answer my phone) and it was delivered so I am extra grateful for that!


  7. Ben Deaver (verified owner)

    The Enthusiast is delicious! I’m so thankful I saw someone share about Modest Coffee on Facebook so I could get in on it. Having a box full of this stuff makes me happy. And having a cup full of it brings a smile to my face and gears me up for the day ahead. Modest doesn’t need to be modest about their coffee!

  8. Marita Johnson (verified owner)

    Was happy to learn of modest and support you all after the distributor fallout, was even happier to taste the coffee! Will be back to try other varieties once we get through this stockpile.

  9. samdose (verified owner)

    Great job shipping so fast. Coffee is really good for being 6mo off the roast. Glad the internet could help you all out.

  10. Andrew Stockholm (verified owner)

    Decaf fresh roast drinkers – don’t be afraid to try it! For cappuccino, I usually mix decaf 75-25 with caffeinated beans fresh from a local roaster (city to full city roast). I wanted to support Modest clearing this product. First shot pulled fast and flavor was thin. I tried grinding finer but cup went more bitter. Followed online advise to increase dose to 21-22 in my 20g basket and that slowed things enough at typical full city grind range. Flavor still a bit flat due to age but once I added 25% fresh beans (caf in my case) flavor came through and pull slowed a bit more to mid 20s. So that’s my plan for espresso. For coffee, its a drinkable cup but again, may want to dose on the high end of usual if you’re used to a fresh roast. All in all it’s a fun experience and for a good cause!

  11. iviaso (verified owner)

    Such delicious coffee! The Modest and the Enthusiast has everyone in the house drinking what they love. The Enthusiast although lighter than the Modest was great and bright in my little espresso machine.

  12. Daniel Harding (verified owner)

    Exceptional value and tasty to boot! Bought a case each of The Modest, The Dark, and The Decaf. Of the three, my favorite is The Dark with choclatey notes, very smooth. The decaf is very nice and mellow, also smooth and you can’t tell it’s decaf.

  13. ghjen13 (verified owner)

    The shipment came quickly and I am so happy to help a small business that obviously cares about their customers. As a bonus, I have tried (and love) the Dark and the Modest coffee!! I intend to share both roasts with colleagues, family & friends who are coffee lovers so they can try it themselves!! The care you guys take with your products are evident in every cup.

  14. Samantha Cochran (verified owner)

    I ordered the Decaf. I’ve been a huge snob for quality and taste of decaf, and I can say I was surprised and pleased with the Modest decaf! We drink black half caf. every day via French press, and it was well worth ordering. I also brewed full decaf to test the taste by itself (again, black via French press). After tasting, I went back and ordered another 6-pk. Definitely recommend! For reference, I tend to like single-origin medium to light roasts.

  15. cryptickismet (verified owner)

    I got the Enthusiast batch from this and by the gods this stuff SMELLS SO GOOD. I’m in a sorta studio apartment with a pourover setup and whatnot, so my whole living zone pretty much always smells like whatever coffee I’m grinding lately, and this stuff is by far the nicest scent I’ve had. The taste is definitely up there in faves as well. Glad I was able to help out with the whole distribution debacle and hope I can keep buying from you guys in the future!

    • Modest Coffee (verified owner)

      Thank you so much! We really try to make coffee that people enjoy and are so glad you enjoyed it too! -Marcus

  16. KAREN GARVIN (verified owner)

    I’m not usually a decaf drinker, but The Decaf is perfect! The flavor is lovely, so much so that I’ve been having a cup of (decaf) coffee in the evenings just for the flavor. Once I burn thru my stash of fire sale coffee, I’ll be coming back to Modest Coffee for more.

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